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10 Best Garage Organization Products

Updated: Apr 30

I organize more garages than any other organizer in the Phoenix area, so I have a lot of experience with various storage solutions. These ten solutions should cover any storage need you may have for your garage. However, prior to making any purchases, come up with a plan as to where you want everything to be located in your garage. This will help guide your decisions about the storage solution that is going to be best suited for your items and allow you to measure the right areas of the garage to make sure the products that you're purchasing will fit.

  1. Wall-mounted shelving units: These units are designed to be mounted on the walls and provide additional storage space for various items such as tools, boxes, and sports equipment. Look for sturdy and adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of items.

2. Overhead storage racks: Virtually unheard of 10 years ago, these racks have proved to be an efficient solution for those with A LOT in their garage, and boxes that they only use once or twice a year. They are installed on the ceiling, allowing you to utilize the vertical space in your garage, even with a car parked. The number one rule if you use this option is make sure the mounting screws are securely mounted into the studs in your ceiling or you could find your heavy items laying on top of your now heavily damaged car.

3. Wall Mounted Tool Storage Rail Systems: Companies like Ryobi and Rubbermaid make wall mounted tool storage systems that can hold everything from brooms and rakes

4. Pegboards: Pegboards are excellent for organizing tools that can be mounted on the walls. They feature a grid of holes where you can insert hooks, pegs, and other attachments to hang and organize tools, gardening equipment, and small items.

5. Stackable storage bins: Stackable plastic storage bins are great for organizing smaller items like nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware.Clear bins can be a good solution if items are light, but for heavier storage consider the HDX line of black bins with yellow lids found at Home Depot. You can stack them like legos and the are very sturdy. I've only seen one significantly damaged after many years organizing garages.

5. Magnetic tool holders: Magnetic tool holders can be mounted on the walls to keep frequently used hand tools within reach. They are particularly useful for organizing metal tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. There are large magnets that can be attached to pegboards that are excellent for mounting common metal tools like pliers and wrenches.

6. Heavy-duty hooks and hangers: Hooks and hangers are perfect for hanging larger items such as bicycles, ladders, and garden hoses. Look for heavy-duty hooks that can support the weight of your items securely.

7. Stand alone storage cabinets: If you have the budget and space, investing in cabinets and storage systems specifically designed for garages can be an excellent solution. They provide closed storage to keep your belongings protected from dust and offer a neat appearance.

8. Work Bench: Not everyone needs a work bench but if you spend any time in the garage on projects you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Work benches have come a long way from the days of a few pieces of plywood drilled into two by fours. Modern workbenches now offer built in electrical outlets and usb ports for charging tools and your phone, overhead LED lights, stainless easy glide doors and lockable casters in case you need some level of portability. I highly recommend Seville Classics ULTRAHD work bench. It has all of these features for $250-300 and is available in several finishes.

9. Tool Chests: This is the most often needed and most often absent storage solution in most garages. For those that are not do-it-yourselfers a tool chest is often dismissed as an unnecessary cost. However, the combination of drawers with various depths and sometimes a sliding or swinging door on the bottom for larger tools makes very efficient use of the space they take up. They can also be found used in excellent condition on Offer-Up or Facebook Marketplace if you're trying to save a little on your garage transformation.

10. Wall mounted cabinets: These are mounted to your garage walls just like cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. Most are smaller square cabinets that can work well for storing automotive fluids and cleaning supplies.

Remember, the best garage organization products will depend on your specific needs, available space, and budget. It's a good idea to assess your garage's requirements and plan the organization system accordingly. A quick word on brands: Spend some money on a decent brand like Kobalt, Seville Classics or Husky. These companies have been making these products for years and the garage is brutal space exposed to the weather in ways that other parts of your home are not. If you buy quality products they will probably outlast you and most importantly, protect their contents for years to come.

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