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Closet Organization Tips

Updated: Oct 27

Organizing a bedroom closet can be a daunting task. The fact is most home builders don't design a closet to fit the resident's needs. However, with the right organizing products and a little careful sorting you can have your bedroom closet in tip top shape in no time. Here are the steps to get you started.

  1. Declutter: Start by going through all of your clothes and shoes and getting rid of anything that doesn't fit, hasn't been worn in a year or more, or is damaged beyond repair. Donate or sell items that are in good condition and toss anything that is worn out.

  2. Categorize: Sort your clothing into categories such as tops, pants, dresses, and jackets. Then, within each category, group items by color or style. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for and keep everything in order.

  3. Use storage solutions: Invest in storage solutions such as shelves, hanging organizers, and shoe racks to maximize space and keep everything neat and tidy. Use the back of the door or the inside of the closet door to hang organizers or hooks.

  4. Rotate seasonal items: If you live in a place with distinct seasons, rotate your clothing accordingly. Store out-of-season items in bins or vacuum-sealed bags to free up space in your closet.

  5. Maintain regularly: Set a regular schedule to go through your closet and reorganize as needed. This will help you stay on top of clutter and ensure that everything stays organized.

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