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Organize Your Beauty Products Like a Pro

The pure volume of beauty products can make this category one of the most challenging to organize. Utilizing the concept of putting “like with like” can greatly simplify the process. This means skin products in one place, hair products in another, and so on. Before you get started, I highly recommend drawer dividers to help organize your most frequently used products in drawers without everything rolling around every time a drawer is open or closed.


When it comes to organizing your beauty essentials, it's essential to create a systematic approach. Generally, we divide these items into four primary categories:

  • Body Products: This includes items like body lotion, shower gel, self-tanner, bubble bath, bath bombs, and more.

  • Hair Products: Your hair spray, dry shampoo, regular shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care items all belong in this category.

  • Hair Tools: This category includes tools such as irons, rollers, blow dryers, and various hair accessories.

  • Facial Products: For your facial care needs, this category includes creams, oils, toners, makeup, brushes, sponges, and related products.

Plan Your Organization

Throughout this process, remember to recycle anything that's empty, expired, or no longer in use. Once you've assessed your daily beauty routine and considered the available space, it's time to plan the organization. Start by identifying the products and tools you use daily and the space you have for storage. These belong in drawers or higher cabinets for easy access on a daily basis. Take precise measurements to determine the organizing accessories you'll need. It is best to purchase the storage and organization solutions in advance of organizing so you don’t find yourself re-organizing a 2nd time. Here are a few storage solutions that are ideal for these types of products.

  • Shelf Risers: Maximize space by stacking bottles in a way that you can still reach them easily. This also prevent bottles from getting lost at the back of shelves

  • Turntables: Also known as Lazy Susans, these rotating systems ake corner cabinets more usable while utilizing the majority of the space.

  • Clear Drawers: Ideal for under-sink storage, These handy drawers are typically made of plastic or acrylic material. They allow storage of a high volume of product while allowing you to see what's inside.

  • Metal Mesh Bins or Canisters: Perfect for storing hot tools safely, as well as storing overstock of items that you use frequently.

Consider the Aesthetic of Your Organization End Goal

Professional beauty organization isn't just about creating order; it's also about aesthetics. Your beauty space, whether small or extensive, should not only function efficiently but also exude style and confidence. Consider your favorite beauty supply store as inspiration. Bright lighting, strategic placement, thoughtful arrangement, and easy visibility all play a vital role in showcasing products. These principles also ensure that you can effortlessly find and access what you need. Plus, it's an added bonus for your Instagram feed when you can share photos of your stunning beauty room that lives up to its name!

Purging is Your Friend

Take a moment to evaluate your makeup collection. Does everything still align with your personal style? Test your makeup products by swatching them on the top of your hand or the inside of your arm. If something doesn't feel like "you" anymore, it might be time to let it go. Over time, makeup brushes collect product residue, and sponges can develop mildew. To refresh these items, soak them in natural dish soap and hot water or use hydrogen peroxide and hot water for a thorough cleanse. Are you currently experiencing a significant life change? Whether you're moving, welcoming a new addition to the family, becoming an empty nester, retiring, or managing a loved one's belongings, you may find yourself overwhelmed with possessions.Our specialty lies in guiding clients through transitional moments, helping them embark on their new chapter with reduced stress and increased happiness. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you!

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