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The Highly Versatile "Lazy Susan" Revolving Tray Organizer

Updated: May 16

Lazy Susan with Protein Powder

Professional organizers are constantly challenged with making the best use of space in a world where storage unit rental has skyrocketed as people grapple with owning more than their homes can hold. The issue is further complicated when faced with using space in areas that are oddly shaped or difficult to reach because they are not an optimal location for shelves and drawers to be useful. These areas are very common in in bathrooms, kitchens, under the stairs closets and other areas where architects attempt to eke out every last inch of useful space in their home designs.

Fortunately, there is a relatively simple organizational device with a silly name you've probably heard but maybe don't know what it means...the Lazy Susan. Also known in different regions and countries as a revolving tray or turntable, these ingenious little devices allow easy access to a small or large number of items where there is significant depth to a roughly space. These round, two-piece trays are connected with a small ball-bearing, allowing the top tray to spin while the bottom tray remains fixed to the surface. Rather than reaching over the products placed up front, you just place all of the products on the tray in a circle and spin it in a circle until you see the one you need. They are available in wood, metal or plastic, and some are completely flat trays, while others have raised sides to prevent glass bottles from falling out and breaking.

Lazy Susan with Condiments

I currently use two in my kitchen, both of which are utilized for different reasons. One of the shelves has a small 10 inch version that I use for oils, vinegars, and cooking sprays that I use daily for cooking. The other is located in one of the best locations for this device to maximize space, a large corner cabinet where higher up shelves make items placed further back on the shelf very difficult to reach. I've set up a "protein shake station" on a large 18" tray with 5 different protein powder flavors as well as peanut butter and cocoa powder.

While acrylic risers look great and work well to maximize shelf space, they are only useful with shorter product containers that don't require you to lift items in the back over items in the front. Cabinet sliders like those sold by Shelf Genie work great for pots and pans, but limit visibility when used in upper cabinets. These are two instances where the Lazy Susan can be your best solution to easily access a large variety of items. Most can be had at Walmart, Target or Amazon for around $20, so they're an easy item to roll the dice on to confirm their usefulness.

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