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The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Moving: How Our Specialized Packing Services Make Your Life Easier

Packing and Unpacking Inspired Organizers Phoenix

A week ago I published a blog article called "Efficient Packing Techniques For a Stress-Free Move". The article was almost 2000 words long, giving some perspective to the difficulty and stresses involved in a typical move. The feedback I received certainly reflected this. I received emails from multiple readers about how they wish they had this advice prior to their last move.

Professional Organizer's Specialized Packing Plans

I thought an appropriate follow-up to this article would be one about how professional organizers like Inspired Organizers offer specialized packing services that can eliminate most of the stresses that I addressed. Readers of this blog live all over the country and some are even international. Because Inspired Organizers is based in Phoenix, we can only offer these services in the greater Phoenix area, however, there are amazing organizers all over the country that can help you with packing, unpacking or both. Most of them offer the same same or similar services to those that I'll discuss below.

I know that the concept of packing and unpacking services may seem simple, but don't underestimate the value of a team of experienced organizers, specially trained in the nuances of packing and unpacking to make your move a more comfortable experience. 

Single Packing box Inspired Organizers Phoenix AZ

Organizing Your New Home to Replicate Your Old Home

In addition to being trained on how to pack specialty items like art, mirrors, TVs, and lamps, our organizers can help replicate the experience of your new home, like your kitchen and office by organizing items in the same places that they were in your old home. Of course, the peace of mind you have knowing that your most valued items will arrive in your new home safely and undamaged can be well worth the investment.

Issues involved with a move go beyond just the packing and unpacking and hiring a mover. Coordinating cancellation and restarting the utilities, change of address, and keeping critical items like your child's favorite stuffy available at all times are just a few of the things to think about. Inspired Organizers coordinates the logistics of hundreds of moves for people just like you every year.

Time Saving

I've preached in countless blog articles how organizing can save you countless hours looking for your phone, keys, purse or just looking for that item you haven't seen in months. Hiring professional organizers to coordinate your move is also a huge time saver. If you've ever coordinated a move on your own, chances are you've had to take several days off of work and probably even killed a weekend or two in the process. Professional organizers can help you avoid this distraction, allow you to continue with work, manage your kid's activities, help with homework, and much more.

Packing Food Inspired Organizers Phoenix AZ Decluttering

Reducing the Stress of Your Move

As with all stressful life events, moves can be a serious source of marital stress, leading to arguments about how and what to pack, what to prioritize, and timing issues. Professional organizers can help reduce this stress, providing a neutral party experienced in helping to resolve these issues.

Because professional organizers are new to both your old and new home, we can help you create a better organizational plan for your new residence that makes sense and saves you time, while making you feel right at home by the end of the first day of your move. We can also help develop a detailed plan prior to the first box being packed that fits the needs of you and your family.

Labeling Plan

A detailed labeling process is key to making your move faster, and minimizing the possibility of even temporarily lost items. Inspired Organizers list the destination room for each box on the top and every side, as well as the contents of each box on the top.  We can even color code each box based on its room destination to help with placement at a glance. Maintaining our record of break-free service is the top priority, so proper labeling is also made for fragile items to make sure they're appropriately placed in the moving truck to avoid damage.

A New Organization Plan

The weeks and months prior to your move are an excellent time to both declutter and come up with a new organizational strategy. This is why we not only come up with a detailed plan for your move but talk about an entire space plan for your new home to make it work for you. We can help you shop for organizational products prior to the move and even make last-minute purchases in case any of your plans for a space changes after the move is already underway.

Packing a box Inspired Organizers Decluttering Phoenix AZ

Our customized packing plan for each customer begins with the detailed process of where different categories of items will live in your new home. This can help you avoid the dreaded "garage full of lonely boxes" syndrome that can plague families and keep your car outside for months after your move-in date.

Final Walkthrough

After everything is unpacked and in its "new home in your home", we conduct the final tour to make any personalized adjustments. Our clients preferences are our top priority and we're with you until you're absolutely thrilled with the end result.

If you're based in the greater Phoenix area, contact us at 480– 435–2541 for your complimentary in-home consultation. You can also contact me personally at Outside the Phoenix area, I encourage you to contact a local organizer for a free consultation and to get all of your questions answered about the details of their packing and unpacking services. Happy moving!

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